• 19 Nov 2023, 2:16 p.m.

    The underlying forum software misago has been updated to version 0.38 This is a bug fix release addressing immediate issues found in the Misago 0.37 release:

    Updates Django LTS version used from from 3.2 to 4.2 which supports Python 3.12.
    Replaces django-redis dependency with redis-py.
    Changes CACHE backend from 3rd party one to built in django.core.cache.backends.redis.RedisCache.
    Removes deprecated USE_L10N from settings.py.
    Makes cache for JavaScript translations (django-i18n.js in urls.py) invalidate with Misago version or locale changes.
    Removes deprecated debug_toolbar.panels.logging.LoggingPanel.
    Replaces development build of admin's JavaScript and CSS files with minified ones.
    Fixes admin's JavaScript files to don't break Django's collecstatic.
    Fixes crash on 404 error when request is made with AJAX.
    Misago 0.37 is a maintenance release that adds context markers to all translation strings in Misago. This is a breaking change, but it resolves the issue with ambiguous translations, where multiple concepts represented with single word in english language had single translate message, making proper translation to language where different words are used impossible.
    In addition this release updates Misago to use Python 3.12 and updates its dependencies.

    Refresh your browser, and it should be there.

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