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Ultimately they need to make a choice and get it out there, because the current speculation and arguing about what is right and wrong just leads to more strife. Some clarity either way might help overall.

What that choice should be depends on a whole host of factors including the state of the relationship with Cooper, the presence or not of any sort of overarching plan, objectives for the medium/long term, the necessity of staying up to meeting those, the quality of the potential replacements, whether or not anyone at the club has a clue what they are doing and if someone does who they are and what position they hold and on and on,

If I had to bet on it I'd say we're largely winging it with a muddled and incoherent decision making process and lots of jostling for position, but even then just get on with it because it's really tedious everyone just speculating all the time about who is going to get sacked and when.

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This is your latest "we should sign Kai Havertz / Connor whatsisname / someone else who would have absolutely no interest in coming here" hobby horse, isn't it?

I'll save you the trouble. If he fires Cooper it's going to be Pedro Martins.

Update: looks like Martins is going to Hull after all.
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More briefingings:

"Nottingham Forest have informed Steve Cooper that he will be given more time to get the club's season back on track, sources have confirmed to 90min.

Forest have endured a torrid start to the Premier League season, sitting bottom of the table with one win from eight games. That is despite having spent £150m on new players in the summer, bringing in a British record number of signings - 22 to be precise.

Cooper performed brilliantly in the Championship to guide Forest to promotion. Even with the task of gelling the new faces, many presumed that the Tricky Trees would have sufficient quality to stay up.

However, a heavy loss to east midlands rivals and fellow strugglers Leicester on Monday was a sixth defeat in eight league games and has left Forest propping up the standings.

Forest owner Evangelos Marinakis has been growing impatient and has wanted to make changes at the top, but Cooper is not one of those that is immediately on his way out. Instead, Marinakis has brought in a new sporting director in the shape of former Watford man Filippo Giraldi.

90min has been told that Giraldi has advised Marinakis to give Cooper more time and whilst the Greek supremo has agreed, he has also given instruction to ensure a list of appropriate replacements is in place.

One of those who has already thrown his hat into the ring is former Liverpool, Newcastle and Everton boss Rafa Benitez - whose representatives have made Forest aware that he would be keen to take charge at the City Ground.

Forest are also assessing the options around Europe, and interest in the job is high. For now, Cooper is the man in charge, although his position does remain perilous." (

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It's weird that they behave in a way you can't imagine they would in the business world:

They're far from unique among football club owners. I wonder what it is about football which does this to successful business people.

I find this sort of thing entirely in line with how a lot of successful business people act.

There is this idea that people who create and run successful businesses really know what they are doing. Sometimes they do, but often they are as dumb as everyone else and just get lucky. Or maybe they have a set of qualities that uniquely helps them succeed in one field, but doesn’t translate much to any other. Or maybe they bombed enough bakeries to get to a position of sufficient power that they can do all the dumb sh!t they want and still make money.

So add this to the veneration of rockstar CEO’s and business founders.. they themselves come to believe in their genius and so every success is their own and every failure is someone else’s. Like tricky says.. the problem is ‘everything except me’.

I current work for a phenomenally successful business where the CEO is the founder. He is a smart and decent guy who has built a really great company… but he does dumb things all the time and the inevitable consequences of his bad decisions are always everyone else’s fault.

Successful businesses are generally the result of a lot of people working together and making more good decisions than bad. Whenever there is a dominant power or personality at the top.. may as well flip a coin to decide whether the next big decision will be brilliant or destructive.
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I got it and I died. Still no sympathy, just endless ghost banter.

You have become #content. We all face the same fate now.

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Have some ghoulash to warm you up.