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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: What's confusing me today
Last post by tricky -
Listening to Colin Murray. Who I like as a broadcaster. We are 'post watershed'. He just said "we are just doing it for the you know what's and giggles".

I do know exactly what. I have no idea why we are not saying "sh!ts". If we know, and the intent is clear. We gain or lose nothing compared to actually saying the thing that we actually mean,  do we? Except for saving a bit of time,  communicating directly and more clearly,  and avoiding confusion. Has articulating the phonetic of the word 'sh!t' suddenly become a  form of dangerous toxicity.... but the clear intent and implication is  somehow blemish free?

Where do we get guidance on how to draw these arbitrary lines?

It seems to me to be completely mental,  and I can make no sense of it at all.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Mundane Medical Thread
Last post by Dave Rave -
I have a chiropractor appointment on Monday. Slightly annoyingly I have to go into Chesterfield as the one 2 minutes away is fully booked. Bad backs must be a Bolsover speciality. Perhaps that's a legacy of being a mining town.
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: The Real Mundane Moments not Ingos sh!t Copy
Last post by Russ -
Slight tangent - We're finding that since the Pandemic, that 95% of all calls have moved to mobile. Only a small subset still uses a firm issued direct line, to that extent were beginning to phase out corporate phone numbers for most at the firm. We've been SIP only based for the last 5 years and 80% of users handed back their desk phone 3 years ago, the savings are significant.

How do you handle the regulatory side such as recording? Are you routing calls via a client of some kind? I presume they're not making and taking transactional calls directly over the cellular network.