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The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: What's pleasing me today
Last post by iowdunc -
Visiting the in laws in Lund, just outside of Malmo, Sweden.

Popped into a pub for a quick pint, had my Forest scarf on, I took it off, placed it on my chair. It fell off and an old bloke, wearing a Malmo tracksuit top tapped me on the shoulder

“I can’t touch this” he said and then went “79…..Trevor Francis”

We shook hands
The Daily Cut and Thrust / Re: Mundane Medical Thread
Last post by JP -
It didn't really work, given we're already married*.

* We got married at Brig'o'doon (In Ayrshire, for those unaware).

Yes, that was part of the gag. She might have made an honest man out of you, but she hasn't yet made you one of the Honest Men.

If I have to explain the mechanics of everything, we're going to be here even longer than we have already.